When an emergency occurs, you should call an electrician you can trust. Keany’s Electrical Service is a highly reputed Nowra electrical company, offering professional, speedy, and expert services: even in the face of an emergency. For power faults and other urgent electrical problems, contact us at Keany’s Electrical and we’ll be there to help.

An emergency can happen at any time. If there appears to be an issue with wiring, especially one that threatens your safety, please do not hesitate to call Keany’s Electrical. We will safely assess the potential wiring problem and find a secure, comprehensive solution.
When your home or commercial property suffers an electrical outage, this can severely impact your day to day life or business operations. We’re available to assist with emergencies at any time, and we’ll work speedily to determine the cause of the outage and get your power back up and running as soon as possible.
When your home or business is dependent on the Internet, an electrical issue can be very detrimental. We understand this at Keany’s, and we are dedicated to keeping our Nowra businesses and homes up and running, securing your Internet connections and service. We’ll work rapidly to assess and rectify the issue at hand.
For any emergencies relating to cables, Keany electrical services will respond quickly to assist you. The safety and security of our customers is our top priority. When customers have electrical concerns, our team will do a thorough inspection to eliminate any dangers and find the source of your problem.